Why I love my Job

The background of my bakery’s name comes from my life-long inspirations, and in turn explains who I am as a person.


With the remembrance of my grandmother, “Nanny” whom I have great memories of creating crafts at Bishop Drum Retirement facility and spending my summers in Iowa once I moved away at age 10. She taught me how to bake, make crafts and knit. Fittingly, Nanny was born on Valentine’s Day and she is at the core of how I see love. This first inspiration is in honor of the true love she shared with me.


They say your taste is either sweet or salty. I’m off-the-charts to the side of sweet and have always loved eating, sampling and making anything that has luscious sweetness in the mix. For fun, I read cookbooks, recipes and even order dessert just so I can taste another yummy creation. My love of all things sweet inspires me to work my recipes again and again, until the sweetness level is “just right.”


I’m a trained graphic designer, and excel at my profession-even teaching it. Design and creating have become a natural extension of the skills I impart into my cookies and cakes. My creations are far more than just pastries; they are custom-designed concepts with much forethought of thumbnails, sketches, colors and old fashion hand-skills. I’m inspired by the challenge of interpreting someone else’s ideas into a reality of tasty goodness, as well as their delight when they see it!